Now in its 4th year, the New Dimensions Lab brings together diverse African artists to develop stories told through creative technology alongside leading industry mentors.

The Lab takes place over the course of a week at a private retreat where artists engage in discussions and masterclasses, and workshop their creative projects. 5 to 8 applicants will be selected to participate.

Past mentors have included Jessica Brillhart (Google, Vrai Pictures), Jim Chuchu (The Nest Collective), Darren Emerson (VR City), Selly Raby Kane, Kamal Sinclair (Sundance New Frontier), Eden Labs, Yasmin Elayat (Scatter), and Oscar Raby (VRTOV).

Electric South fully covers travel, accommodation and meals for participants.



Applicants must be:

1. Citizens or permanent residents of an African country
2. Currently living on the African continent (at least 8 months a year)
3. Accomplished in an artistic field. Any creative discipline is welcome. Past applicants have experience in: documentary and fiction film, theatre, performance & visual arts, fashion, photography, writing, design, creative technology and game development.

Projects ideas must:

1. Be non-fiction stories. We welcome creative interpretation of documentaries and fiction/documentary hybrids.
2. Use immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR). This could include 360 film, interactive worlds, animation, artificial intelligence, projection mapping, hybrid forms, and beyond.



The last day to submit is 28 June 2019.

All successful applicants will be notified by 12 August 2019. The Lab will run from 10 to 17 November 2019 in South Africa.





Here’s what our lab residents experienced in 2018:


Tips for a successful application

  • Reapply – We can only accept up to 10 people a year which means we have to pass on many really great applications. This doesn’t mean we’re not interested in you or your work. Please reapply if you have applied to us in the past and are still interested in developing a project. We’ll be looking out for your submission!
  • Research – read up about the medium you are interested in working in. Check out some of the work if you can or watch videos about it online.
  • We don’t expect you to have already worked with a new technology that you’re interested in exploring. But we do want you to consider why this medium is relevant to the particular story you want to tell, and why a medium is of interest to your own craft. This is why the research element is so important.
  • We already know immersive technologies are cool. You don’t need to explain what VR is to us. We are more interested in WHY a particular tool is interesting to you and your artistic practice.



  • What happens after the lab?
    • We offer a menu of support for our lab alumni, which may include producing, creative and technical consultation, mentorship, industry networking, equipment loans, distribution, and more.
      Our past artists have gone on to produce immersive work, and many continue to explore emerging and immersive media in their current practice.


  • Who should apply?
    • We are looking for creative explorers who have an established artistic practice in their respective crafts. Successful applicants are curious and collaborative; they are experimental in their approach and strive for excellence in their execution. We are very open to many different creative mediums, from fine arts to filmmaking to game design to photography to theatre, and more.


  • Does my idea have to be non-fiction?
    • Yes. Your concept must be based in a real-world story, phenomenon or theme, either past or present. However, you may use an abstract approach, and/or combine elements of fantasy or speculative non-fiction. Documentaries are not limited to interviews and observational footage; the most successful digital immersive projects rethink how stories are embodied and represent reality in an entirely new light.


  • Where can I find out more about this industry?
    • You can join our mailing list here, and follow us on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram. We regularly post info on opportunities for artists in Africa, as well as updates about the creative technology landscape.


Have more questions? Please contact info@electricsouth.org


The New Dimensions Lab is made possible through the generous support of the Ford Foundation and Bertha Foundation.