Electric South has supported African artists from a spectrum of creative disciplines to explore 360 filmmaking.

We act as a production studio – securing finance for projects; guiding creative development of ideas; mentoring first-time VR filmmakers throughout the production process; and facilitating post-production.

Our first projects were co-produced under the New Dimensions banner by Electric South and the Goethe-Institut South Africa, with additional support from Big World Cinema, Blue Ice Docs and the Bertha Foundation.

The New Dimension 2017 workshop opened me to the possibility VR technology affords as a tool of expression for a visual artist, making it easier to transition into viewing the world in a sphere. Special thanks to the Electric South team for the opportunity.” – Jumoke Sanwo


by Nirma Madhoo

This project was created under the mentorship of Electric South

The first star cluster mapped by the original stargazers of Southern Africa constellates 444.2 light years away from Earth, ancient astronomical practice superposed on the geography and modern astrophysics of the Southern African Large Telescope.Immerse in the starlit & ghostly terrain of the Karoo, where volumetric fashion performance unfolds to a cinematic Afro-diasporic score Costumed figurations and particle bodies morph in a triptych, entangling African cosmology with the technological sublime of inner and outer space.

No Place But Here

by Dylan Valley and Annie Nisenson

This project was created under the mentorship of Electric South

No Place But Here is a 360 documentary about a precarious housing occupation in an unused Cape Town public hospital. In March of 2017, the social movement Reclaim the City occupied the former hospital, an empty building in Woodstock, a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. What began as symbolic protests against the lack of affordable housing in the inner city eventually attracted hundreds of people in need of housing. This character-driven 360 documentary will immerse the viewer in the occupation, as if they were partaking in the act of reclaiming the building. The medium of VR will allow for a greater solidarity with the occupiers and the film will impart a deeper understanding of what it means to occupy, especially when it is the only viable option you have.