2023 Design Futures Lab

The Design Futures Lab 2023 offered South African content creators an opportunity to develop experiential, provocative and immersive digital narratives about sustainable fashion and design. The programme included both a sustainable fashion workshop and a digital lab that challenged successful candidates to explore and expand their digital production skills in XR (extended reality). Using new creative technologies and software, international distribution channels and exhibition platforms, the lab facilitates access to new markets for sustained livelihoods. Each team received grant funding to develop their prototypes.

Participants included creative technologists, gamers, fashion designers, product designers and multidisciplinary artists who created immersive proof of concepts, or prototypes, around experiential and provocative digital narratives about sustainable fashion and design. The Design Futures Lab 2023 is a creative economy project, hosted by Electric South, Twyg, Korokoza and Crossover Labs and supported by the British Council #SouthernAfricaArts.

Electric South

Photo Credits: Pie in the Sky Productions
Video Credits: Pie in The Sky Productions


F702CD56-307D-4675-A892-BE87283836FD - Chipo Mapondera
Chipo Mapondera
Sabina Mutsvati
Self potrait-01 - Joel Chandauka
Joel Chandauka
HEADSHOT JAXX - Jackson Chifamba
Jackson Muchazondida Chifamba
IMG_8807 - Mi Thatha Creative Studio
Keith Virgo
000025 - Luh_ra
Luh’ra (Lara Fisher)
318543871_425461459653684_6446666765884894764_n - poopoo harvey
Ryan Harvey
IMG_46177 - Rufaro Magara
Rufaro Magara
2 - Matamba Film Labs
Siza Mukwedini
Plot Mhako - earGROUND Media
Plot Mhako
IMG_4884 - Tarryn Tippens
Tarryn Tippens
IMG_0717 2 - Tarryn Tippens
Larnelle Bakala